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The degree in accounting is good for someone who can pursue their career in the areas of investment management and analysis, consulting, banking, external and internal audit, financial management and financial management. advice. He can work in any functional area of ​​an organization or a company and effectively carry out any planning, management, cost control, design accounting information systems in the areas of budget control, advise on businesses and markets. The Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting provides the student with the skills to work in the private, public, international, state or local governments, financial supervisory agencies, as well as access to the field of research. . Additionally, an accountant can have his own business if he is interested in self-employment.

The accountant is a key member of the management team of all organizations. He prepares financial statements, analyzes and interprets financial and administrative information. It plans, implements and manages integrated systems for processing accounting, financial and tax information. It also generates accounting and tax strategies that increase the competitiveness of companies.

The professional graduate of the Public Accountancy program has the skills, competencies and knowledge to function at the highest levels of the organization, as they have a holistic and comprehensive education that allows you to plan, execute, control and take effective decisions in public and private entities. . The demand for accountants has increased in recent years as tax regulations, business formalization and trade are increasingly demanding in regards to business requirements.

Accountants can opt for various areas in their continuing education plan after completing their turbot program where their performance is highlighted. The offer of Specializations, Masters and Doctorates is developing in the country both in specific accounting subjects and in economic and administrative sciences.

Internationally, the demand for accountants at all organizational levels is very high and their salaries range from $ 37,000 to $ 74,250 per year for those with up to three years of experience, from $ 52,750 to 92,250 $ per year to six years of experience. experience and $ 142,500 – $ 411,000 per year for managerial positions in large companies.

The accountancy profession has a wide projection in the business world at international level given the process of convergence towards international standards in financial reporting, auditing and assurance that has been given. The professional accountant in his training knows all the organizational, administrative, legal, fiscal, financial, accounting and control aspects that allow him to easily detect opportunities and create companies in various sectors. In some cases, these are companies responsible for providing consultancy services on matters of the profession.

The professional accountant can manage their time as an advisor or staff member of an organization and not necessarily be bound by an employment contract. This allows you to diversify your income, organize your activities and access opportunities that involve mobility. The chartered accountant is a professional who enjoys and uses a privilege that very few professionals have and which consists in the power to grant the public confidence in his accounting acts, which requires a particular responsibility towards the State and its clients, if it takes into account the scope of its powers and the relevance of the information in terms of tax and accounting audits, which is crucial for the general interest. Trial Mafia

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