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Starting a business or running a small business often requires the owner to wear many hats. From customer service to talent management, business owners always have something extra on their plate and they find themselves stuck managing only tasks. The whole process puts them in a state of survival that limits their time to develop a consistent approach to accounting and measuring a company’s financial performance.

As resource constraints can hinder business growth, technology can make life for small businesses much easier and more efficient. One of these major functions is strong accounting which can significantly improve financial planning and keep company finances healthy. Having advanced accounting software can help business owners process and track their accounts while improving their financial performance.

Inventory management

Traditionally, inventory management was a manual and laborious process. It was prone to human error and inventory management delays. With the availability of new era accounting software with an integrated inventory management feature, SMBs can automate inventory management while maximizing order fulfillment time without waiting too long. Integrating inventory management with accounting software performs critical tasks for businesses that also track inventory, manage to reorganize and update accounting data.


Accounting software with an integrated invoicing function is crucial for any SME as it automates payments and automatically registers them as paid. Business owners can sync their company’s bank accounts that automatically record the paid invoice as sent without having to manually keep track of it. This streamlines the payment process as no manual entry is required and finances are managed seamlessly for a better bottom line.

time tracking

Forward-looking organizations rely on keeping timesheets to streamline account-related work. It is very beneficial for accountants as it helps to assess time spent on task, profitability and productivity of each client. It provides more in-depth information on accounting business psychology. Business owners and accountants can benefit from using timesheets to track revenue, cost budgeting, and financial growth.

Ease of use and accessibility

Many new-age accounting platforms focus on simplifying the work of the accountant. Incorporating a user-friendly UI and UX, accounting software offers the greatest benefits to SMBs by increasing efficiency in financial management. Moreover, today’s accounting software is cloud-based, so it can be accessed anywhere on any device.


One thing all businesses have in common is effective budgeting. It doesn’t matter how strong the sales numbers are until the business can manage its cash balance. Managing budgets and tracking them manually is a tedious task and SMEs can explore the benefits of comprehensive accounting software and make a valuable investment in it. It helps in real-time expense tracking to ensure a clear understanding of a company’s finances.

Multi-user access

When the company is in the scaling phase, its finances cannot be managed by an accountant alone. Several tasks are performed and they must be delegated accordingly. Having accounting software that provides additional user access would include staff members in the platform and manage the task much more efficiently. If a business has multiple people who manage accounts, including the person who handles customer service, billing, tax, etc., it’s important to provide easy access to all staff members who manage company accounts.

Preparation of financial statements

Comprehensive accounting software aggregates SME accounting information into defined formats to easily prepare balance sheets, P&L statements and cash flow statements. With easy-to-use built-in financial tools, the accounting software seamlessly automates manual and mundane tasks. It helps business owners assess the financial performance and cash flow of the business through detailed analysis.

The integration

Traditionally, accounting software offered limited access and integrations. However, advanced accounting software helps SMBs to integrate their payment processor and point of sale system. This allows SMEs to automatically perform banking transactions in real time. Moreover, these software also provide other extremely useful integrations for payroll services, CRMs, etc.

Final Thoughts

To have accurate and detailed books, business owners must have this extensive experience and time to keep their financial records. Having accounting software can put things on autopilot. From budgeting and tracking expenses, to paying vendors, managing inventory, and categorizing transactions, SMBs can cover all of their business financial needs.



The opinions expressed above are those of the author.


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