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The tax and accounting profession is constantly evolving. Over the past year and a half in particular, there have been major shifts in how the profession approaches consulting services, technology, culture, recruiting, and more. The profession is going through a transformation of mindset – moving from historical information and data to real-time information and data. For those who have been in the accounting field for decades, it’s something that’s currently coming to the fore and for those just starting out, it’s here to stay.

Intuit presents, AccounTrends, a new podcast aimed at bringing all perspectives together to talk about tax and accounting trends in a productive way. Hosts Jasen Stine, Head of Tax and Accounting Education at Intuit, and David Bergstein, Director of Innovation at Bergstein CPA, will interview thought leaders and industry influencers about the trends they see as well as business leaders of different sizes with a variety of approaches to technology, business, and more. AccounTrends will welcome interesting guests from diverse backgrounds to help tax and accounting professionals stay on top of the most important trends and change their practices and businesses – large and small – to accommodate them. AccounTrends will strive to bring people together and give them the tools they need to stay relevant and discuss some of the topics below.

Advisory services are here to stay

The term advisory services is not new, but it is still a hot topic among tax and accounting professionals. Everyone is talking about it, and it’s important to hear different perspectives on how companies are approaching this buzzword. How do they implement consulting in their company? What does this mean for customers? How can you get started if you haven’t already? If you’re already advising clients, what changes can you make to make it even better?

It’s so important to go beyond tax preparation to support your clients as a proactive and trusted advisor. This will not only help you build relationships, but will give you more flexibility in your practice.

Recruitment evolves with technology

Recruitment and training in the tax and accounting industry has evolved over the past few years. The real industry growth rate is no longer in the audit space, and technology has helped change that. You no longer need a certain number of years in accounting to pass, and the CPA exam is changing. Businesses want people with data, cybersecurity, and technology skills to evolve with the industry. Tax and accounting as well as technology can be taught, but having the right cultural fit is where businesses really go.

You’ll hear from long-time veterans and new industry recruits about how they think about technology, what technology they use every day, how they differentiate their business and more.

Advisory services, recruiting and technology are just a few of the many topics Jasen and David will discuss. You’ll hear from a variety of tax and accounting professionals in different verticals and working in specific niches to share their approach to these new industry trends and transformations to keep their businesses – large and small – relevant and successful.

AccounTrends will provide tools for accounting professionals to become consultants, advisors and coaches. In each episode, you’ll learn how to improve your business from the best minds in the business. AccounTrends airs every two weeks on Tuesdays.