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VANCOUVER, BC, August 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — TPS Software announces three key software features to enhance the customer experience and adapt to the growing needs of dynamic business environments. As the accounting profession sees an increase in the value and growth of its services, and as technology and finance become increasingly intertwined, TPS has launched a suite of services designed to improve client performance through seamless integrations with compatible software and improved efficiency for managing customer payments and operations.

“TPS Software has long brought an incredible level of trust to the accounting profession. Clients have long sought TPS’s services for our business integrity, and we have continued to exceed industry standards.” said Ted ShandroPresident at TPS Software, Inc.

TPS Software prides itself on providing businesses with a highly sought-after customer portal feature that provides an easy and secure method of delivering sensitive documents to customers. The TPS Cloud Axis Portal displays customer invoices in summary and detail views and, if integrated with a payment processor, allows the customer to pay invoices online through the portal.

The TPS Cloud Axis customer portal allows integration with online payment processing services such as Stripe, PayPal and PayClix. Businesses can connect to existing accounts for more flexibility on payment options. Once a business has integrated online payment processing with TPS cloud Axis, they can start inviting their customers to pay online in just a few steps, without any manual steps.

Finally, the fully two-way link with QuickBooks Online allows customers to synchronize both programs with accounts receivable transactions and key customer information. Any invoice, finance charge or payment will be synchronized between TPS and QBO, thus avoiding double entries. It offers the possibility to import or export transactions as often as necessary.

TPS Software is excited to announce these three fully operational features for all Axis Cloud customers, continuing to build on its foundation as reliable and efficient accounting practice management software designed for accountants.

Founded in 1999, TPS has long been a trusted and innovative home for the time management, billing and practice needs of accountants. With over 3,000 corporate clients throughout its history in Canada and United StatesTPS provides a sensible solution with affordable, industry-leading and efficient solutions for the needs of small and medium-sized accounting firms with on-premises and cloud-based solutions.

Thomas Dawson
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