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Accounting and financial issues arise regularly in the course of legal work – and lawyers need to be comfortable resolving them when they do.

To this end, PLI offers an essential two-day program for lawyers of all levels of experience titled Accounting Basics for Lawyers 2022, which will cover the most common accounting concepts that emerge in the practice of law. Experts from the legal and accounting professions will guide participants through practical discussions that examine in depth the elements of financial statements and what they reveal about organizations.

The program will also offer an insightful analysis of how legal ethics intersect with rules of conduct for professional accountants. Attendees can expect a lively discussion as legal and accounting experts review professional conduct rules, legal ethics opinions and court cases to highlight common areas of potential ethical risk for lawyers handling information financial.

Other accounting basics to be covered in the program include:

  • How to read the balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement and notes to financial statements
  • An overview of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP)
  • The evolution of legal ethical issues that arise when dealing with financial information
  • Recent regulatory changes, as well as information of the persons concerned or involved in the changes
  • An overview of what lawyers need to know about the components of internal controls

This program will provide a solid foundation in accounting fundamentals for lawyers of all levels and roles, giving you a better understanding of the financial issues that can arise in your business. Register today.