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Even though the accounting profession has a whole slew of burnt-out CPAs, it hasn’t had as much turnover in the past year as other professions in the United States, according to data recently released by LinkedIn.

Accounting had the third-lowest average turnover rate (9.4%) from July 2021 to June 2022 of the 13 roles analyzed by LinkedIn. The two occupations that had less turnover than accounting were operations (8.8%) and administration (7.8%).

LinkedIn said professions with the lowest employee turnover deal more with rigid institutional systems, such as budgets, regulations and business cycles, while professions with the highest turnover rates are more advisory, interpretative or interpersonal.

“Rather than dealing primarily with fixed systems, they focus more on emotions, understanding, and strategic decisions,” according to LinkedIn.

The occupation with the highest turnover rate is Human Resources (14.6%), followed by Research (13.1%), Product Management (13%), Marketing (12.9% ) and consulting (11.6%).

“Across all functions, HR has consistently had one of the highest turnover rates, ranking among the top three functions for the past three years,” LinkedIn said. “It’s a bit counterintuitive that HR professionals, the people most concerned about retention and turnover, are also the most likely to leave.”

The average turnover rate for all roles is 10.6%.

LinkedIn determined turnover rates by calculating the total number of departures over the past year, divided by the average number of employees over the same period. Data is drawn from members updating their current employer on their LinkedIn profile. However, LinkedIn noted that reported rates may be lower than actual revenue due to a lag between when someone actually leaves and when they update their profile.