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G. Peter Wilson, Ph.D., professor of accounting at Boston College’s Carroll School of Management, received the Institute’s 2010 Distinguished Achievement in Accounting Education Award.

The award recognizes full-time college accounting faculty for excellence in teaching and national prominence in the accounting profession. The award brings professional recognition to the recipient and helps promote accounting models in academia.

Wilson develops materials targeting newcomers to accounting to encourage students to pursue a career in the profession. When completed, the text and software will integrate research, teaching and practice in financial, managerial and tax reporting; procedural and conceptual skills; and the interaction between a reporting entity’s business and accounting decisions and the decisions of users of its accounting reports.

Wilson holds the Joseph L. Sweeney Chair in British Columbia Accounting, has served as an educational consultant for the Big Four accounting firms, and develops and teaches courses at major investment firms and two Fortune
50 companies.

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