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Northeastern State University will now offer its Master of Science in Accounting and Financial Analysis online, as well as to better meet the growing workforce needs in these sectors.

In May, Oklahoma State Higher Education Regents approved NSU’s request to offer the program online. According to data from the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission, the demand for CFOs, accountants, auditors and financial analysts is expected to grow 6-14% through 2028.

The NSU program currently serves not only students from the Tulsa and Oklahoma metro area, but also people from the four-state areas of Kansas and Arkansas. NSU associate accounting professor Dr. Gary Freeman said offering the program online would especially help international students who sometimes travel 60 miles or more to graduate.

“We also often hear from former NSU students now living out of state who, based on their knowledge of NSU, want to complete the program,” Freeman said. “Furthermore, NSU remains one of the least expensive programs in the region.”

NSU’s Master of Accounting and Financial Analysis program offers working students the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills to better prepare for professional certification exams.

Freeman said a master’s degree in accounting and financial analysis at NSU began as a part-time program for working professionals. He added that the program helps individuals achieve the required 150 hours of education, usually about 30 hours above an undergraduate degree, to pass the CPA exam, while providing additional knowledge to pass the exam. CPA exam and other professional exams.

According to Freeman, NSU’s program stands out compared to other similar programs because of its cross-functional approach with finance.

“The courses not only focus on preparing financial statements, but also how financial professionals use these statements,” Freeman said. “This cross-functional approach differs from what many other universities offer in an MS Accounting, providing a more robust learning experience.”

Additionally, many students enrolled in the program are employed full-time, and an online degree offering would ease their burden while increasing their chances of completing the program.

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