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Now in their 19th year, the CPA Practice Advisor Tax and Accounting Technology Innovation Award highlight technologies that are shaping the profession and small businesses through increased collaboration and productivity. These tools enable businesses to better manage workflows and be more productive and secure, while engaging with customers in ways that are convenient and productive for them as well.

Click here to nominate a technology for the 2022 Innovation Awards.


Each year, a total of five winners are announced, based on the vote of the awards committee. Additional technologies are also recognized as finalists. Prizes are not ranked or divided into categories. All nominated products and services that meet the submission requirements have the opportunity to be selected as winners or finalists. The Awards Committee is made up of CPA Practice Advisor editorial staff, thought leaders within the profession, and the publication’s Editorial Advisory Board. These members include accounting and tax professionals from across the country who work in a variety of practice areas.


Anyone can offer a product or service for a price (supplier, user, third party). There is a $295 application processing fee, which covers assessment and logistics costs. Each product or service can only be nominated once. If you nominate a product or service that has already been nominated, your nomination fee will be refunded. The selection process is determined by the subjective opinions of members of the CPA Practice Advisor Awards Committee and does not use outside votes or user testimonials during the process.

Entries for the Prizes will initially be reviewed to verify that they meet the following eligibility requirements for the Prizes.

Nominated products/services must:

  1. Be commercially available (no beta versions)
  2. Be less than two years old (Note: Significant new modules or features, or programs that have undergone a major revision or version change are eligible, regardless of the longevity of the overall product.)
  3. Be marketed directly to the tax and accounting profession
  4. A $295 nomination fee must be submitted on the second page of this nomination form for a product to be eligible.

Those who do not meet these conditions will be removed from the candidate pool free of charge. The awards will be announced in the August issue of CPA Practice Advisor magazine.

The Innovation Awards debuted in 2004, serving as a spotlight to honor new or recently improved technologies that benefit tax and accounting professionals and their clients through improved workflow, increased accessibility , enhanced collaboration or other means.

Click here to nominate a technology for the 2022 Innovation Awards.