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PwC is being sued by a 28-year-old auditor who claims he suffered a serious head injury after attending a professional event involving ‘excessive’ drinking of golf. The Securities and Exchange Commission is preparing to fine several of Wall Street’s biggest banks totaling $1 billion; bank employees are accused of using Whatsapp and other messaging services in violation of SEC rules. A former senior accountant for a Chicago construction company has been charged with federal fraud for allegedly embezzling millions of company funds. Reno’s KOLO published an article on the shortage of accountants: “The reasons are simple, analysts say. Beginning accountants work hours for which they are not adequately compensated. There is consistent ongoing training. Although technology can help the accountant, only time and experience can teach him what the numbers really mean. And work can be stressful. Deloitte remains the largest healthcare consulting firm in the United States. EY sent a letter to the US Treasury Department on Thursday asking for “immediate” guidance on how so-called split divestments will be treated for purposes of calculating whether a company is an “applicable company” subject to the new tax, according to a report. copy of the letter sent to the CFO Dive.

PwC spoke to Insider about hybrid working and why it’s a good thing. It’s been almost a year since PwC announced that its employees would be allowed to live and work wherever they choose, except for mandatory meetings with clients in the office and partners who insist their teams come into the office. Insider:

PricewaterhouseCoopers is embracing the hybrid working model because it allows employees to be “more agile” and the company believes it will help develop leaders at the consulting and accounting giant.

“Whether you’re participating virtually or in person, it requires leadership and the ability for all of our managers to really work on the key qualities” of communication, fairness, and developing “cultural sensitivity awareness,” Wes Bricker, the vice president and co-head of US trust solutions, PwC’s accounting and tax division, told Insider.

Here is a trend that we hear more and more about: dog daycare. Okay, not strictly a dog daycare. Companies offer allowances that can be used for everything from laundry services to dog walking, no questions asked. We like it!

A GC commenter wants to see a fitness test added to the CPA exam.

According to r/linkedinlunatics, summer intern positions are becoming unbearable. If you see good ones, you know what to do.

Some things we are working on:

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