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democratic candidate John McDonald will go on the home stretch of her election campaign with $183,000 in cash as she vies with her Republican opponent Karen Gonzalez Pittman for the House District 65 headquarters.

McDonald, who did not face a primary challenger, started the general election cycle with a strong cash advantage, although she continued to keep her purse strings tight. McDonald’s funding comes between its campaign account and the Affiliate Political Committee, A bright future in Tampa Bay.

Pittman, meanwhile, entered the cycle with just $12,493 in cash after a competitive primary. After several weeks of fundraising and spending, she now has approximately $49,241 in her pocket, including $10,000 from self-financing.

During the last fundraising period, which ran from September 24 to October 24. On the 7th, Pittman raised $16,520 from 22 backers. Pittman’s campaign saw 15 contributions of $1,000 from organizations including RaceTrac Inc., True Conservatives PC, Florida Police Benevolent Association and Florida Medical Association PAC.

Pittman also received $11,475 in in-kind contributions from the Florida Republican Party, which funded campaign staff.

Pittman didn’t hold back on that period, doling out $43,625 within a month of the election — $40,250 went to Simwins for advertising services, $2,101 went back to Pittman for compensation, and the rest was split between smaller campaign expenses.

As for McDonald, the Democratic candidate’s political committee raised $8,600 in the same time frame from seven contributors, including $3,000 from the local Plumbers and Pipefitters Union, $2,500 from the Florida Police Chiefs Association and 1 $500 from Blue Sky Communities.

His committee spent $35,497 during the last funding period, which includes a $35,000 donation to the Florida Democratic Party.

The McDonald’s campaign raised $10,582 in the last period from more than 40 donors, including eight donations of $1,000 from the local Plumbers & Pipefitters Union, Real Property, Probate & Trust Law PAC and FCCI Insurance Group.

She also received $30,951 in in-kind contributions from the Florida Democratic Party, which provided salary cover and polling services.

Cross’s campaign spent just $4,691, split between accounting services, consulting services and small media items.

pit man narrowly ousted challenger Jake Hoffman for the Republican nomination in the August primary, garnering 44% of the vote against 43%. Now she’s working overtime to catch up on fundraising for McDonald’s as the two face off in the Democratic-leaning neighborhood.

The cash disparity comes despite Pittman being the highest total fundraiser. Since entering the race, she has raised $285,522, as well as $10,000 in self-funding. McDonald’s, on the other hand, has raised $274,768 between his campaign and his committee since enter the race in march.

As for donors, McDonald and Pittman have secured support from members of their respective parties.

Candidates are racing to fill the competitive Hillsborough County seat, which closely resembles the current House District 60 represented by Republican Rep. Tampa. Jackie Toledo, who ran unsuccessfully for Florida’s 15th congressional district. Toledo has endorsed Pittman as his preferred successor.

The newly drawn HD 65 seat, which covers southern Hillsborough County, has a slight Democratic leaning. In 2020, 51.28% of the district went to the president Jo Bidenwhile only 47.19% went to the former president donald Asset.

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