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12 days more expensive; year-end movements of tax preparers; profuse state taxes; and other highlights from our favorite tax bloggers.

Everyone’s Busy Season

Come what may

  • Sagenext ( An overview of the year’s reforms.
  • Palm Beach Accounting and Financial Services ( If you’re like us and are a parent who never makes mistakes, you can skip these five common blunders of talking about finances with kids (if not, take a look).
  • TaxProf Blog ( The latest version of the five-column classification of state personal income tax systems.
  • Sovos ( In Louisiana, sales tax events took “a dramatic turn” in early November, when voters rejected an amendment to create a new commission that would have attempted to simplify the electronic filing and remittance of all taxes. Louisiana Sale and Use; and this was quickly followed by an Arizona company suing that the bayou of state tax jurisdictions is an excessive burden on interstate commerce.
  • Avalara ( And here “byzantine” is used in an overview of all of Louisiana – and one that won’t change soon, it seems – sales tax.

sun and matter

  • Tax foundation ( Who would call too much tax revenue a problem? Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.
  • canopy ( Meet Canopy’s Innovation Award winner: Florida-based OGC Associates.
  • Rubin on tax ( American spouses each have a unified credit that allows them to make substantial gifts to third parties without requiring the payment of gift tax. What if one spouse has assets to donate but that spouse does not have enough Unified Credit Exemption remaining to cover the gift and wants to use the other spouse’s exemption? Third parties, IRS respect for transactions and the “substance over form” doctrine.
  • Current Federal Tax Developments ( The 2021 Draft Instructions for Form 1065 added information regarding whether a taxpayer has self-employment income from the partnership.
  • Procedural taxation ( Guest blogger Bob Probasco disentangles filings versus payments in relation to stipulated ruling documents filed with the Tax Court.