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A career in finance can be very rewarding and exciting. The sector benefits from constant developments, generating opportunities in the main financial markets of the world and an increase in jobs in finance. Graduate degrees such as a master’s degree in accounting could help you build a career in the field and potentially position you for a promotion or for a management position within a finance division.

Finance jobs are in demand. Bloomberg, for example, recently reported that the easing of the UK lockdown has boosted the market for Finance jobs in Londonthird quarter assignments more than doubled from last year.

In the United States, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that employment in business and financial activities is expected to grow by 8% from 2020 to 2030, about as fast as the average for all occupations, adding about 750,800 new jobs.

“Globalization, a growing economy and a complex tax and regulatory environment are expected to continue to drive strong demand for accountants and auditors,” he said.

Many past and current CEOs also have degrees in accounting, including Stephen Squeri, CEO of American Express, and Dave Wichmann, CEO of Unitedhealth Group. Former AT&T Chairman and CEO Randall L. Stephenson also holds a master’s degree in accounting. Accounting careers are a relatively stable field, making it a good career choice.

Almost every business, regardless of industry, needs the services of an accountant, which means the potential for finding employment in almost any corner of the world is endless.

How will a master’s degree in accounting help me find jobs in finance?

The degree will sharpen your analytical skills and deepen your knowledge of accounting principles. It could also give you the boost you need to take on a leadership role in a finance division of various companies.

A master’s degree in accounting is an important step towards certified public accountant (CPA), it said. He adds that this higher degree will also equip learners with advanced analytical skills, in addition to deepening their knowledge of accounting principles and learning the latest technologies.

Ohio University Remarks earning a master’s degree in accounting prepares you for positions in accounting and finance, whether as an accountant or an auditor.

“For example, a potential career path a Macc [a Master of Accountancy] The next degree could be accounting,” he said, adding that work settings could include international corporations, start-ups or anything else.

“Accountants may be employed by large outside companies, or they may work in the finance and accounting function within a company. These roles may eventually evolve into future CFOs and CEOs of the business. »

What will I learn?

Many universities offer the degree. The University of Manchester, for example, notes that its Masters in Accounting program will introduce students to different aspects of accounting research and guidance for conducting the research.

Students will be exposed to topics such as advanced management accounting, corporate financial reporting, qualitative research methods, international accounting practice and regulation, and corporate governance.

Students can expect the program to advance their thinking and debate on contemporary issues of financial reporting, management accounting, auditing and governance, in addition to developing skills valued by employers, or to prepare for a research career in academia.

The York University Schulich School of Business curriculum is academically rigorous; he is accredited by CPA Ontario and ACCA.

“Graduates who successfully complete the program will be prepared to take the CPA’s Common Final Examination (CFE). In addition to gaining in-depth knowledge of all the sub-disciplines that make up the broad field of accounting, they will have deepened their expertise in two of the program’s areas of specialization: taxation, assurance and performance management,” said the ‘university.

Ultimately, a graduate degree will equip you with a more specialized skill set to grow in your career or find jobs in finance.