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The Financial Times boldly suggests that due to constant financial scandals, accounting programs need to do a better job of teaching students not to be wrong. “These scandals have intensified concerns that an underdeveloped approach to teaching behavioral skills, as opposed to hard skills, lowers ethical standards and professional independence,” FT writes. Meanwhile, in Canada, the Big 4 companies have abandoned their vaccination mandates, PwC did this in April and said it would have floors for mask-wearers and floors for people who feel comfortable without them as their employees reluctantly return to the office. The The SEC said it was going to be EY’s ass about this audit/advisory split“As you get an injection of capital, these capital providers often have other companies in their portfolio,” Paul Munter, acting chief accountant at the Securities and Exchange Commission, said on the sidelines. Accountants’ Liability Conference in Washington. “The question then becomes what does your affiliate tree look like and what are the potential conflicts created by an expanded affiliate tree.”

Here is a guy in India who stayed at PwC for 32 long years share what he learned. I haven’t watched it all, does he suggest at some point in this 21-minute video that there are far better ways to spend three decades of your life?

Some things we are working on:

    • reporting from the front lines of the WFH war
    • Gen Z Ruins Business Casual, Older People Approve
    • advice to the only person in public who wants to stay
    • accounting students continue to avoid the CPA exam
    • speaking of the CPA exam, KPMG has a new program to help its auditors pass it
    • learn more about EY’s advisory/audit division
    • an overview of the most requested credentials for accounting professionals (beyond a pulse, that is)
    • update to a 12-year-old article on Going Concern: “Do accounting firms care if you’re on drugs?”

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Finally, here are three hours of cat lofi to start your week. Bless.

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