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My 2022 updated checklists word file is now available. There are 128 checklists for tax season, practice management, and personal advice, plus a toolkit to get your affairs in order with 25 additional checklists. They have been updated for the next fiscal season and 2022.

Here you will find personal checklists that I use when I have a barbecue or when I have to prepare for my weekly card game. I also have a checklist that Benjamin Franklin used on his trips to London and Paris (he spent over 25 years in Europe). I added a SWOT analysis template with 50+ suggestions for an accounting firm, but this can be adapted for your client services. You will also find my 2022 Practice Management and Growth Calendar and a checklist for a client’s business plan financial projections.

I also have my examiners’ personal and business tax return checklists, a training program for new tax practitioners, and I’ve updated the Training Method 30 bed sheet :30. There are many here and the file is free. Just email me at [email protected] and put “Checklists” as the subject. No messages, since I do it myself and it takes me time to read each message, so skip them. It is my gift to my colleagues and to the profession. Last year, more than 15,000 files were distributed free of charge.

There are also checklists for industry colleagues and some great checklists for financial planning, bankruptcy, and mergers and acquisitions advisory services. These checklists contain a lot of management and advice tips and each checklist has been used by me, so they are field tested. The Word file is over 290 pages with 87,000 words and is fully usable and adaptable as desired.


Do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected] with your questions about practice management or assignments you may not be able to complete.