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An expert gives accounting advice to BPS students

Apr 16, 2019 – 9:12 AM

Dr GS Grewal, FCA, Ph. D, CAL (IIAM) interacting with students at a seminar hosted by Birla Public School.

Dr GS Grewal, FCA, Ph.D, CAL (IIAM) organized a seminar to highlight and explain the introduction to accounting, basic accounting terms, journal (introduction), accounting rules for debit and credit, accounting principles and conventions for grade XI. business aspirants at Birla Public School (BPS) on April 13.

It has also opened up new avenues for them to work through career guidance. On April 14, he explained the fundamentals of the partnership, the evolution of profit sharing ratios between existing partners, the admission, retirement and death of a partner, the GST and accounting treatment and presentation of the accounting equation for business students XII.

Apart from this, a question-and-answer session was conducted on the topics covered and the students, who were able to answer his questions, were encouraged by small gifts. MCQ questions were discussed after each topic.

A separate interactive session with business professors was also conducted for one hour. The economics teachers also attended the GST session as GST is included in their subject from this year.

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