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The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) Expresses Strong Support for Bipartisanship Accounting STEM Education Act, presented by Senators Susan Collins (R-ME) and Jacky Rosen (D-NV). As the accounting profession continues to evolve, this legislation not only recognizes the connection between technology and accounting, but also provides an avenue to grow and diversify the profession.

Universities are increasingly hearing from the accounting profession that there is an urgent need for more tech-savvy CPAs, and upper-level accounting departments are moving quickly to incorporate more technology and data analytics skills. in the program. The AICPA believes that designating accounting as a STEM will increase student engagement and open a pipeline to increased diversity within the accounting profession.

“Accounting is a cornerstone of American business models and we are grateful to Senators Collins and Rosen for their leadership in designating the accounting profession as a STEM program,” said Susan Coffey, AICPA Chief Accounting Officer. public, CPA, CGMA. “Recognizing accounting as a STEM program sends a clear signal to public procurement that the accountancy profession and its services are important parts of protecting the public and that we are ready and qualified to assess technological advances in business today. “

Accounting professionals’ use of technology reflects their role as trusted advisors to businesses, nonprofits, and individuals. For many years, they have been using and applying advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and technology-based techniques to provide highly sought-after services. As the profession continues to evolve its services in areas such as cybersecurity, information integrity and systems controls and its use of emerging technologies and techniques, such as blockchain and data analytics , integrating this knowledge with quantitative reasoning skills improves accountants’ ability to make informed decisions. decisions, solve complex problems and improve service delivery in the areas of audit, finance and tax.