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Sip, the famous chain of local cafes with cafes in Crown Point, Highland and Cedar Lake, will trial a smaller format at its new location in Munster.

A Little Sip will open at the Hammond Clinic on Avenue Calumet in Munster, just south of the Borman Highway and the Hammond border. The counter coffee will welcome patients, doctors and anyone who wants to have a coffee during their journey.

“It’s as soon as you walk in,” said Sip owner Rhonda Bloch. “It’s right there on the right. We normally have a big space, so it will be difficult to make a smaller space. I’m interested in what it will be in the business aspects. There won’t be a lot of waste with the inventory.”

The Munster Sip will offer a full menu of coffee and espresso drinks, as well as fruit juices and smoothies. People will be able to get lattes, smoothies, iced coffee and hot tea. The food menu will be limited to take-out items like bagels, croissants, donuts and fruit salads.

Block had been eyeing the place for some time and recently struck a deal when the space became available.

“Patients, doctors, nurses, so many people go through it in the morning,” she said. “I see them walking by with Dunkin’s, Starbucks and McDonalds cups and I know many would prefer local coffee if they had access to it.”

This may appeal to commuters en route to Chicago.

“We hope for that,” she said. “It’s very accessible. You can just park and run in the door and see us right there.”

It will replace a cafe that closed at the Hammond Clinic.

“He was just serving drip coffee,” she said. “They weren’t really into coffee, which makes it hard to do local coffee well. Also, COVID hit.”