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Small business owners need to master the art of bookkeeping. Because a simple online accounting course can equip you with the skills to create more professional financial statements. Or let you predict financial trends. And all of this will benefit your business. But you can also learn to read KPIs. Or understand and interpret the data. And improve your business decisions accordingly.

Online accounting courses

Here are 20 online accounting courses to consider.

Accounting United States – International Career Institute

This course teaches the inside secrets to becoming an accounting professional. And it only takes a few months. So it differs from the years it often takes with other courses. This accredited online accounting course costs just $1,599. And you will get 10% discount for full payment in advance.

Masters in Accounting – University of Illinois

The University of Illinois Gies College of Business is consistently ranked among the top three accounting programs in the United States. And now it is offering this Master of Science in Accounting program. Online learning platform Coursera offers the program. And students on campus get an identical degree. But you can get it 100% online and at your own pace.

MSc Accounting – George Mason University

This master’s program provides online students with theoretical and practical knowledge. So learn accounting principles. And you will also find specific courses that focus on all aspects of business, management and finance.

MSc Accounting – Indiana University

Indiana University offers this top ten online Masters in Accounting through edX. So check out this popular online learning platform. The expensive but comprehensive program includes 1o fully online courses. And it costs $21,000 spread over three years.

MBA in Accounting and Business Administration – Wilmington University (Delaware)

This flexible IACBE-accredited MBA program offers considerable challenge. But you will gain valuable accounting knowledge. And the program provides you with the leadership capacity needed to succeed in the modern global business environment.

Masters in Professional Accounting – Bryant University

This Masters in Professional Accounting offers another of the fastest accredited online accounting courses. And online students gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in today’s competitive business environment. The program only lasts eight months. And it includes 10 courses priced at $3,528 each.

Financial Accounting Certificate – University System of Maryland

Obtain this certificate through the edX online learning platform. The course teaches you how to effectively interpret financial information. And it will help you make profitable business decisions.

Financial Accounting Certificate – Babson College

EdX again provides the platform for this fun online accounting course. Find out how primary financial statements are constructed. And learn how to calculate key performance ratios. You will also learn how to create a financial forecast. And it will help you run your business better.

Accounting Principles Certificate – New York Institute of Finance

Learn how to apply accounting and tax principles with this course. The 2-week program teaches mergers and acquisitions. And it uses the FutureLearn e-learning platform. A partnership with the New York Institute of Finance makes the course possible.

Master of Science in Accounting – Virginia International University

This accounting degree program provides students with technical know-how. And they will also learn the operational skills necessary to become accounting experts. But you will also find courses in business administration and applied linguistics.

Introduction to Finance, Accounting, Modeling, and Valuation – Udemy

Learn finance and accounting the easy way. An award-winning MBA professor and Ivy Grad designed this online finance course. And it covers all the bases. You’ll even find in-depth methodologies for professional accounting and financial modeling.

Certificates in Accounting – Liberty University (Virginia)

Here you will find several accredited online accounting courses. And students from all over the United States can enroll in these programs online. Liberty University allows you to earn accounting degrees. And these range from the basic certificate level to the doctoral level. The Undergraduate Certificate in Accounting provides fundamental knowledge of accounting methods and practices. But it also offers insight into finance and business management.

Financial Accounting Certificate – Harvard Business School Online

Harvard’s online business accounting course teaches you all about key accounting concepts. And you can use these principles to improve your financial statements. But you can also unlock critical insights into your business performance.

Prep Diploma – Harvard Business School Online

This Credential of Readiness course offers an online CORe program focused on the fundamentals of business thinking. It comes in three parts. And the program will prepare you to fully participate in the business world. Because you will learn to analyze and interpret data. And you will apply economic principles and develop your business intuition.

MBA in Accounting – University of Scranton (Pennsylvania)

This two-year MBA program offers “broad, ethical and sustainable business foundations”. But it also exploits accounting knowledge as a way to solve business problems.

Master of Science in Accounting – Kaplan University Online

This course allows you to obtain a graduate degree. The online program prepares students for critical thinking. But you will also learn problem solving skills. And the degree specifically targets people in mid- to senior-level accounting positions.

Master of Science in Accounting – Utica College

This advanced online accounting program helps you identify valid accounting and tax standards. And you will learn how to formulate solutions to accounting and tax problems. But you will also analyze and assess business issues. And you will design data-driven solutions for them.

Office Accounting Specialist – Lanier Technical College (Georgia)

Lanier provides a two-year degree in accounting. And you can do it online or on campus. The program offers diplomas and certificates. But students must complete four courses. These include two focused on financial accounting and computerized accounting. And graduates of this online accounting certificate will be eligible for entry-level accounting positions.

Accounting Technician Certificate – University of Alaska Fairbanks

This public research university offers regional accreditation. And its online facility allows students from across the United States to earn a college degree in accounting. The accounting technician program teaches you about accounts payable and accounts receivable. And you will also learn bookkeeping and payroll accounting. The one-year course costs around $6,468 based on current rates.


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