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T&T recruiters seek top talent for finance and accounting positions at

There are roles available for CFOs, Collections Officers, Audit Associates and more.

Applicants should carefully evaluate job descriptions and research the organizations to which they are applying.

All questions asked by the recruiter must be answered as precisely as possible.

Here are 10 vacancies in finance and accounting on

Collection agent


Aegis Business Solutions Limited

Aegis Business Solutions Limited

Jo-Anne Mouttet & Associates

at Agostini

Public Transport Service Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago

ANSA McAL Group of Companies

ANSA McAL Group of Companies

The Maritime Financial Group

NES Fircroft

Bonus Vacancy (Guyana)

Senior Tax Specialist

EY Caribbean Tips ( Contributor Garth Francis MBA)

This month will mark the 17e anniversary of

We’ve served hundreds of companies and helped thousands of people find their dream job.

Working with clients so they can compete for the best talent available is truly rewarding.

Helping job seekers “find their place” with a wide range of options continues to bring us joy.

Our stakeholders have helped us understand recruitment dynamics across the region and we are grateful to them.

To our job seekers:

-Use the free mobile app to apply quickly and easily

-Update your resume to reflect all relevant experience and qualifications (Let recruiters know how great you are!)

-Plan your training/education based on what recruiters ask for (pay attention to detailed job descriptions)

To our recruiters:

-You had the vision to recognize that recruitment is an important investment.

-Your drive to compete for top talent has raised the level of recruiting across the region.

-We enjoyed working with you to ensure that our services could meet your specific needs

-It has been a pleasure to work with organizations of all sizes in all industries